Over the last three years Joyce and I have had the pleasure of circling the globe twice competing on The Amazing Race. We’ve seen many wonders of the world as well as the not so wonderful reality of poverty, poor health, and homelessness. However, our thoughts were always of how the same poverty, poor health and homelessness occurs at home in the “good ol’ USA”. In-fact, right in our hometown of Houston there are scores of disadvantaged people struggling with the issues of health, housing and employment.

At one point in our adventure we visited an orphanage in South Africa. We believe this exposure changed our lives significantly. We realized that our continual struggle with infertility was a clue that there is a bigger picture we were missing. Maybe our path is to focus on the needs of the many children that are already with us. Around the world there are legions of children in foster care or orphanages. There are many more living in an impoverished and sometimes abusive home environment. It is up to all responsible people to help raise children in order to cultivate and develop a strong future for our communities, our country and ultimately the world.

Joyce and I are committed to helping fill that gap in our home state of Texas. By starting in Houston, we intend to use the celebrity gained from our “Amazing Race” experience for raising funds to provide support for charitable organizations that positively impact the community in favor of child development.

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