5 Essential Pieces of Gear for an Adventure Race

5 Essential Pieces of Gear for an Adventure Race

If you are interested in trying your own adventure race, we can offer some help! With many races under our belt, we’ve been able to find a few gear gems that will make your race your best. Take it from us, this gear may not small in stature, but it’s often the little things that count.

With that said, here are the 5 pieces of adventure gear you MUST have!

Alba’s Non-Petroleum Jelly

Trust us. You’ll need it. You’ll need a lot of it!! Use it on everything from blisters to sore butts from the rides. This stuff is like petroleum jelly but better! It kill cure all your chaffing issues.

Good Running Shoes

When we mean good, we mean the best running shoes whether you are a heavy runner or light treader. You don’t want to skimp here and only buy a $50 pair at Kohls. A good pair will cost about $120 but the money will be well spent and your feet will thank you!

Merino Wool Baselayers

Because you’ll be in and out of water, a material that keeps you warm whether it’s wet or dry is ideal. Merino wool is up to the job. It feels great on the skin and even better it doesn’t smell like an old, wet dog after you’ve been wearing it for several days.

Fastpack Backpack

Lighter than a standard backpack but with more capacity than a hydration vest, the fast pack is your best friend in the race. Tons of room for gear storage, plus you’ll want a pack with a built in hydration bladder for easy thirst-quenching in the race.

Multiuse Helmet

Because you’ll be doing so many different things, you’ll need to protect your noggin with a helmet. Find one that can work for a variety of activities from cycling to kayaking to bungee jumping! Your head will thank you!!

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